rantumtum asked
Do you have favorite tv series or movies?

Big fan of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Teen Wolf (just check it out, it’s great) and just started watching The Leftovers which I love so far.

As for movies, I’ll probably forget a ton, but here’s a few I love: The Matrix, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Man on Fire, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dark Knight trilogy, Bourne trilogy, The Crow, Training Day, …

Anonymous asked
hey dean! just a random question. would you say your gf is your best friend? also being in a really close and commited relationship is it ok to not have any friends? i just dont for some reason and my gf is my best friend. is it unhealthy that i rely so much on one person? we both feel same way about eachother but just curious what you think. is it enough?

Depends from person to person.

Speaking for myself, my girlfriend is by far my best friend, and for me it’s more than enough. I have friends outside of my relationship, but I honestly don’t feel like I would need that or would lack something if I didn’t.